jon snow game of thrones

Is Jon snow really gone? The internet is flooded with theories about our favorite curly-locked bastard child. From blood magic to psychic bonds, here are the best!

Season 5 ended with a lot of buzzing questions such as ‘Is Jon Snow Alive?’ or will he disappear for better or for worse?

Melisandre will resurrect Jon Snow

In the final episode of season 5, Melisandre returned to castle black. This could be an indication that she will save Jon snow. The commonest theory is that he will be resurrected through blood magic. Her powers might not be as powerful as Thoros of Myr who has actually resurrected a character in the past. She already killed Shireen in season 5 to get good luck and powers for Stannis baratheon but that did not work out well. Will she be able to resurrect Jon Snow as she already has blood on her hands?

Jon comes back, but as for his soul

Producers David Benioff and DB Weiss have said this on record several times that Jon is gone. Does this mean his body is gone but the soul might return or the soul is gone but the body might come back? Maybe as a white walker! We must wait and see!

jon snow

Someone else is inhabiting his body

It is a common belief that Jon is bound to come back but is it possible that the Bloodraven that Bran met at the end of Season 4 might inhabit his body. Game of Thrones books some how backs this theory as death of Jon Snow and bloodraven are connected in one way or another. We must keep in mind that Bran is coming back after a season long break. With Bran back after the break, the show will be exploring Bloodraven and the world beyond the Wall in even more detail.

jon snow

Jon comes back as Azor Ahai

According to Melisandre’s religion, Azor Ahai is the legendary hero who once defeated everyone, and is prophesied to return one day. Melisandre believed that Stannis was the reincarnation of Azor Ahai, but that theory is clearly gone. Melisandre was suddenly showing interest in Jon Snow in season 5, could this be an indication that Melisandre now believes Jon can be reincarnation of Ahai. The Ultimate hero who defeated others and is prophesied to come back, who knows if Jon Snow might return as him?

Jon rises from the ashes

What if Jon Snow has Targaryen blood? If he does, he will rise from the ashes and walk the daylight like a White Walker. We know Targaryens have a custom of going into a funeral pyre and coming out stronger. We also have seen that Targaryens are not completely resistant to fire; but they do have greater tolerance to it.

Some fans have guessed the Night’s Watch might try to burn Jon’s body and find it hard to burn. If he does have Targaryen blood, he might rise from the ashes and become a bad-ass white walker.

Jon’s back but as Stark not Snow

Stannis offered Jon to fight with him against the Boltons as a Stark. Jon turned this offer down to remain loyal to Night watch. They tried to kill him and if he is saved somehow, he might be free from Night watch bond and can return as Jon Stark. He can come back and start taking back North from Boltons. Is that why producers always said ‘JON SNOW is dead”? Maybe he is coming back as Jon Stark. We all wish this theory is true.

Maybe he just doesn’t die

Maybe he is injured and receive some major wounds. He might recover from them and show continues from there.

On the other hand, maybe he actually is dead

No way! This can’t be it.

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