muslim terrorists

Muslim terrorists are responsible for largest number of deaths ?

Well, you are wrong to think that! Because only 5 months have passed of 2016 and toddlers have killed more Americans than Muslim terrorists.

Moreover, the media isn’t doing justice and is portraying American Muslims in a light which is not true of them. Republicans are quite happy with the campaign and they are doing everything to sabotage the image of Islam and label Islamic terrorists as people who are the reason behind all the political unrest and mass killings.

According to Islamic society of America, “If Islam is the religion of terrorism and chaos why does the world Islam itself means peace ? Moreover the word Jihad does not mean “holy war” it simply means fighting one’s own demons in everyday life in order to become a better Muslim”. A religion does not become bad because of its some followers. Hitler was a bad Christian and a bad human. We can’t blame Christianity for who he was. Similarly we can’t blame Islam for a few black sheep.”

“Moreover, The lunatics and extremists who are tagged Muslims are apparently not even muslim, because Islam is the religion which teaches that if you kill one human being – you have killed entire humanity. And they think Muslims are terrorising the world… Well, this is nothing but misinformation as within five months the number of people killed by toddlers exceed the number of people killed by Muslims.”

Stats clearly show a spike in accidental or intentional killings by toddlers in America. The numbers are higher than americans killed by muslim terrorists this year. Humans love to attribute their killings to God or associate it with any religion.


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  3. I think the opposition to the EU is very soft. There is almost never any pro-EU discussion, the Euro is getting a battering and there is little political mileage in being pro-European. However should there ever be a referendum on EU membership the seriousness of the matter would come to the fore and the sentimental anti-europeans would let their head sway their heart.

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  9. ….Grin – of course – Police are human too – and they have as much right to voice their opinion as anyone else – hell we might even learn a thing or two! But I really do draw the line at people who vote for Peter Dunn or the United Party

  10. Let’s call a spade a spade. If this man Otedola need to be investigated so be it. No one is above board, nor above the rule of law of a constituted authority. There will always be a loop hole, if the house are not on the same page. We’ll never get to the root of the matter with regards eradication of corruption and lawlessness in our society.

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  16. I respect your approach. I am, however, willing to do what is necessary to get the job done. If facts are availabile and complaints need to be filed… perhaps someone outside the city employee pool should take the lead. ?

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  26. Well this is a positive development all things considered. So videos with UMG owned content will be safe for a while? Now just work on getting WMG back in the fold and we (the posters) will go back to making You Tube the only place to go for music. Good job on getting the deal done with UMG. 😎

  27. I would tell you that this post is making me kind of weepy eyed but I’m afraid that would freak you out. Seriously thank you for these very very kind words and for keeping me in good company. I have loved reconnecting with you over the past couple of years and while we do a lot of rib-jabbing (ok, mostly I do this), it’s been wonderful. Speaking of navels, this is Elle’s new trick. So I guess I’ve taught her well, huh?Happy BBAW to you. The love is kind of infectious isn’t it?

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  35. Good comments, however, all we should say to O'Reilly and all the other lamestream media isPROVE THE 'birther' WRONG!They seem to have all the answers and we want to see what they have that they arrive at the same conclusion…..obama was born in Hawaii and is a natural born citizen. We want LINKS as well.

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  39. superdestroyer Biden was picked because he was much older than Obama, would not be running for president in eight years, and is considering a laughing stock by the main stream media. There is zero chance that Biden would overshadow Obama in any way.

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  50. Just know that he can hear you… so keep on talking, thinking, wishing and wondering… and crying, as sad as it is it’s all good. You just have to go through it to get through it and it takes a long time. My heart hurts for you…

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  60. Pat1789, there is a possibility that Obama was born in Hawaii. However, given the fact that the only evidence that he has provided has been two forgeries, there is also an equal possibility that he was the product of a late registration and not born in Hawaii or born in Hawaii under very different circumstances (either parent) than we have been told in the “official biography “. So while you call it a rabbit hole, and it very well may be, it isn’t a waste of time to pursue the truth.

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  70. I agree with your assessments of Jane’s writing–I was thrilled when I discovered my story would appear in a book with hers! Don’t you love how characters and personalities come alive no matter what century or generation they lived in? We’re all the same under the skin, with similar hopes, dreams and desires. Pass the chocolate?

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